Dua lounge

Shisha Lounge

Dua lounge  offers a unique Shisha smoking experience in UK, offering exclusive collection of flavours, which are unique to our lounge and cannot be found in any other shisha lounge.

Project title:

Dua Lounge – Website & Booking System

Project Description:

A comprehensive website and booking system created for Dua Lounge, a unique establishment in Reading, UK, offering exclusive flavors, a variety of drinks, and a remarkable shisha experience.


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"JS3 Media surpassed our expectations at Dua Lounge. Their exceptional web design perfectly captured our brand, coupled with excellent communication and a keen understanding of our needs. Highly recommended!"
Dua lounge
Shisha lounge

Dou lounge Key Features

Website Structure:

Crafted a 4-page website showcasing the lounge's description, special mixes, music events, and ambiance.

PDF Menus:

Integrated downloadable PDF menus for customer convenience.

Integrated Booking System

Designed a seamless online booking system allowing customers to reserve shisha sessions hassle-free.


The primary goal was to establish an online presence for Dua Lounge, addressing the absence of a dedicated website for this unique establishment. Understanding the necessity of an engaging platform for customers, our objective was to create a user-friendly website that not only showcased the lounge’s offerings but also provided a seamless booking experience.


Conducting in-depth research into Dua Lounge’s brand and understanding their clientele formed the basis of our approach. Recognizing the absence of an existing website, we swiftly identified the need for a responsive and visually captivating web platform. Collaborating closely with Dua Lounge’s team, we conceptualized and implemented a concise yet comprehensive 4-page website structure. This included dedicated sections for lounge description, exclusive mixes, event details, and ambiance to accurately reflect the unique atmosphere of the lounge. The addition of downloadable PDF menus further enhanced user convenience. For the booking system, our team employed robust front-end and back-end technologies, ensuring a smooth, intuitive, and secure reservation process.


One of the primary challenges faced was the absence of an existing online presence for Dua Lounge. This necessitated the creation of a website from scratch within a relatively short timeframe. Another challenge was designing a booking system that seamlessly integrated with the lounge’s offerings while being user-friendly for customers with diverse technical backgrounds. Despite these challenges, our team worked tirelessly to deliver a solution that met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

This expanded section provides a detailed insight into the project’s objectives, approach, and challenges faced, showcasing the comprehensive planning and strategies employed by Js3 Media to meet the needs of Dua Lounge.